Ellsworth Kelly (Conceptual Artist)

Ellsworth Kelly is an American painter and print-maker born in 1923 and is still alive today. The reason why i chose to talk about Ellsworth in my blog is because he is one of the most known conceptual artist and i figured since we talked about Conceptual Art i should mention one of my favorite conceptual artist in the world. I became aware of Ellsworth Kelly’s work when i started college and began to do a little research on him and what i found amazed me. His work feature a numerous amount of color field painting; the work that i chose as a picture for this is called The Meschers, it is an abstract painting that was completed in 1951. I consider this conceptual because it question what we know as Art. All of Ellsworth work include geometric forms, careful lines, color saturation, and not allegorical. He is a minimalist and tries to make his art seem effortless.
if we refer back to Sol Lewitt’s understanding of conceptual Art he said “When an artist uses a conceptual form of
art, it means that the planning and
decisions are made beforehand and the
execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea
becomes a machine that makes the art.” in Ellsworth case, when we look at his work we think that there is a special meaning to his stuff which is what Sol Lewitt is basically saying that the idea is what matters hence the name Conceptual Art.


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