At the beginning of this journey, i knew nothing about processing but after taking the course i became a little bit more interested in processing and how people have being able to use this amazing tool to create exceptional art. 

processing is basically just a program that translates code languages into images, animations, and interaction.

I am not going to lie this system was very challenging to me because i had never used it before and in the process of learning about i became more aggravated with it. As a beginner, i expected for this program to of course be a challenge but i did not expect it to be this hard.  

When programming in Processing, all additional classes defined will be treated as inner classes when the code is translated into pure Java before compiling. This means that the use of static variables and methods in classes is prohibited unless you explicitly tell Processing that you want to code in pure Java mode.

Processing is a programming used by a lot of people in every aspect of life; Graphic designer, News Outlets, Musicians, and many more. 

I promised myself that by the end of this year i was going to know how to code properly because i want to be able to create works of art using the technologies that are available to us now.




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