Sound collage/ Music Concrete

 Music concrete is a technique where sound objects or compositions, including songs, are created from collage, also known as montage, the use of portions of previous recordings or scores. This is often done through the use of sampling, while some playable sound collages were produced by gluing together sectors of different vinyl records. Like its visual cousin, the collage work may have a completely different effect than that of the component parts, even if the original parts are completely recognizable or from only one source.

Sound collage became more common with the widespread use of magnetic tape in the early 1950s. Recording engineers soon discovered that tape could be cut with a razor-blade and spliced back together in a different order, and even from different sources. It wasn’t long before artists began to explore the new possibilities.

this way of creating music fascinates me because some people have been able to create amazing sounds based on a series of sounds they collected and assembled in a studio. Just like doing a visual collage, this also takes the Dada way of doing things and not going about it the traditional way; because it can be all over the place just like Dada paintings but since this has meaning to the person doing, it is considered art and also because it is generated using a very specific method of doing things, it can referred to as Generative Art. 


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