Wolfram's classes of behavior/Generative Art

When I created this piece in sophomore Art class, i knew i was creating art but what i did not realize is that i was following one of Wolfram’s classes of behavior.
When creating this piece, the instructor wanted us to create an original pattern using different colors; inspired by a lot of things around nature like the colors of a sunset, the green of plants around me and the blues in the skies at different times of the day, this is what i came up with. Now looking at this piece i realized that it follows some of Wolfram’s classes. This piece is uniform and consistent therefore follows class 1 but it can also be said to be following class 2 because class 2 is periodic, alternating patterns and repetitive as well. Wolfram’s Rule 250 states that the pattern “becomes periodic creates nested structures or repeating patterns”
When creating this piece i also followed a list of commands/instructions that i had to follow so it can be said that this is also generative art. after executing this piece i did not realize it was going to be this interesting so after getting a grade for it i decide to display it in my own home.
Is it considered Conceptual Art? no because with conceptual art the idea behind the result is in most cases more important which is not the case here.


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