Political Porn

This piece is a piece i create for my collage assignment and i decided to name it political porn. to understand the meaning behind this art let me dissect it piece by piece.
the most apparent thing in this is obviously the American Flag and unless it is clear, it represents what this piece is about American Politics! see i moved to America 5 years ago and since i moved here i became fascinated with American politics, why you ask? i don’t know; maybe it is because i admire the freedom of this country where everything can be discussed which is the complete opposite of what happens in Burundi (this is where i am from).
For this piece i decided to focus on the most covered stories of the last few months. The President’s “real identity”, the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, the Boxing match between Democrats and Republicans, the Economy, the Bald Eagle which the symbol of The USA, the incompetency of Congress, the different shooting victims, the different rights being fought for.
i called this piece political porn because i use to hate to watch the news before coming to America because the news used to make me feel depressed. this piece is basically a way of me to talk about what grabbed my attention the most whether i wanted it or not. let’s not forget that this is just some of the news covered severally not all that was covered by the different news Outlets.


From Dada to Surrealism

This entry is entitled from Dada to surrealism and i wanted to cover this because i wanted to look at the influences of the Dada movement on other movement. to know what i am talking about, one has to of course know the meaning of the two main terms. 

Dada is an art movement of the European Avant-garde in the early 20th century. It began in Zurich, Switzerland during World war one. it was born out of the negative reaction of ww1, Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. At that time life did not make any sense therefore the artist decided that their art shouldn’t either and out of   that this Movement began. Dada has had a big impact on today’s Graphic designs and many more but i want to talk about how surrealism grew out of Dada.

Surrealism Grew out of Dada in the early 20th century; it was an artistic and literary movement that attempted to express the workings of the subconscious and is characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of the subject matter. Surrealism probably had more influence on twentieth century art than any other movement except Cubism.

The reason why i keep saying that Surrealism was heavily influenced by Dada is because just like Dada, it had a subversive attack on rational and ‘civilized’ standards. Whether people are aware of it or not, the Dada and Surrealist revolt has helped to change modern consciousness. 

in conclusion these two movement seem to have similarities beyond just the way the started and the reasoning behind them. when i look at Surrealist painter like Salvador Dali and his painting the persistence of memory, i cannot escape the fact that it was heavily influenced by Dada movement. 


Ellsworth Kelly (Conceptual Artist)

Ellsworth Kelly is an American painter and print-maker born in 1923 and is still alive today. The reason why i chose to talk about Ellsworth in my blog is because he is one of the most known conceptual artist and i figured since we talked about Conceptual Art i should mention one of my favorite conceptual artist in the world. I became aware of Ellsworth Kelly’s work when i started college and began to do a little research on him and what i found amazed me. His work feature a numerous amount of color field painting; the work that i chose as a picture for this is called The Meschers, it is an abstract painting that was completed in 1951. I consider this conceptual because it question what we know as Art. All of Ellsworth work include geometric forms, careful lines, color saturation, and not allegorical. He is a minimalist and tries to make his art seem effortless.
if we refer back to Sol Lewitt’s understanding of conceptual Art he said “When an artist uses a conceptual form of
art, it means that the planning and
decisions are made beforehand and the
execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea
becomes a machine that makes the art.” in Ellsworth case, when we look at his work we think that there is a special meaning to his stuff which is what Sol Lewitt is basically saying that the idea is what matters hence the name Conceptual Art.

Wolfram's classes of behavior/Generative Art

When I created this piece in sophomore Art class, i knew i was creating art but what i did not realize is that i was following one of Wolfram’s classes of behavior.
When creating this piece, the instructor wanted us to create an original pattern using different colors; inspired by a lot of things around nature like the colors of a sunset, the green of plants around me and the blues in the skies at different times of the day, this is what i came up with. Now looking at this piece i realized that it follows some of Wolfram’s classes. This piece is uniform and consistent therefore follows class 1 but it can also be said to be following class 2 because class 2 is periodic, alternating patterns and repetitive as well. Wolfram’s Rule 250 states that the pattern “becomes periodic creates nested structures or repeating patterns”
When creating this piece i also followed a list of commands/instructions that i had to follow so it can be said that this is also generative art. after executing this piece i did not realize it was going to be this interesting so after getting a grade for it i decide to display it in my own home.
Is it considered Conceptual Art? no because with conceptual art the idea behind the result is in most cases more important which is not the case here.